Friday, 11 January 2013

WW1 Silver War Badge

WW1 Silver War Badge
WW1 Silver War Badge
 The above is the WW1 sliver war badge. This badge was issued to UK service personnel who had been honorably discharged due to wounds or sickness. The badge was worn on the right breast whilst wearing civilian clothing. It became common practice for women to hand out a white feather to men not wearing a uniform  So this badge was introduced to prevent this from happening. Each badge is numbered on the reverese as can be seen on the picture below.
After a small bit of research online. I used, I came up with his silver war badge record shown below and from that found out his name and number and used that to find his Medal index card. Also shown below.

Recipient of above silver war badge
 He's name was Spr James Childs and was in the Royal Engineers. He was wounded 26 June 1918 he was entitled to the Victory medal and British war medal. His medal index card shows his entitlement to the Silver War Badge.
James Childs Medal index card

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